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Lecturers Training for Teaching and Learning



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Professors’ training is fundamental to ensuring the quality of teaching in engineering education. The positive impact that developing professors’ ability to perform effectively has on students is a topic of growing interest in higher education institutions. Much has been studied in recent years concerning the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, a step-by-step development of professors’ teaching skills, the final step of which is research on their own teaching as an evidence-based practice.

Professional development includes formal and informal courses, workshops, seminars, mentoring and coaching, language proficiency practice and other activities that may lead professors to enhance their abilities as scholars. We focus not only on the impact of these courses on the learning outcomes of their students, but also on the process of designing these training activities. Competence-based design is being implemented and analysed as a paradigm change that focuses the training process on the core skills of the professor rather than on theoretical content. Professors’ training is a promising field of research, in particular in engineering higher education, as evidence-based education is becoming a firm paradigm and has a promising future.